Garanti / Warranty

Carsten Haven STHLM

offers a 2 years breakage warrant

Carsten Haven STHLM offers a breakage warranty.

The breakage warranty entitles you to receive a new, similar product at no cost in return for this proof of warranty attached to the original receipt and any pieces from the broken or chipped product.

The breakage warranty applies to all Carsten Haven STHLM stoneware ranges available at the time of purchase, and which have been purchased in our online shop at

The breakage warranty runs for 24 months from the purchase date and covers just 1 range. The warranty does not cover continued breakages or breakages caused by gross negligence.

The breakage warranty does not apply to goods that, at the time of using the warranty, are no longer in production or sold in the store they were bought from. If the goods are no longer in production a similar, but not identical, product is provided. 

This transaction is an exchange of goods, and money will not be refunded. Delivery times may arise upon exchange.

The breakage warranty only applies to purchases from private individuals and can only be used by private individuals. Business purchases and usage are not covered by the breakage warranty, and the breakage warranty cannot be used by business owners.

Carsten Haven STHLM can without prior warning terminate the breakage warranty scheme. Termination of the warranty scheme only affects purchases made after the warranty scheme has terminated. This means that all purchases made before termination of the warranty scheme are covered by the warranty for 24 months from the date of purchase. 

This breakage warranty does not affect your consumer rights in any other law, including the warranty under the Sale of Goods Act.